System i-Suite

Customer Order Processing
The American Software Customer Order Processing system provides for creating, maintaining and tracking of customer orders. It includes the ability to automatically allocate, price and credit check orders. It also includes a customer database for management of customer information. It allows for processing return, transfer and quote orders. With our Manufacturing system, assemble-to-order and configure items are supported and integrated with Manufacturing.

The American Software Purchasing System provides for creating, tracking and maintaining purchase orders and blanket orders. The Purchasing System provides Approval Routing, EDI, Procurement Match, Bid, and Material Request processing. It assists in the maintenance of vendor, buyer, trade account and general ledger multiple account distribution information.

Accounts Receivable
The American Software Accounts Receivable system processes open A/R items, payments and payments due. It includes a customer database for management of customer credit information.

Accounts Payable
The American Software Accounts Payable System allows for the processing and tracking of payments, to vendors, for items that are purchased , services, and recurring payments. Payments can be made in any currency. General Ledger transactions are processed. Bank reconciliation is provided.

The American Software Item Management system is a central source of information for products that are sold and/or purchased. All items are created and maintained in this system by item number. Each item can also be identified by one or more aliases.

Inventory Control & Accounting
The American Software Inventory and Control System provides for tracking and maintenance of inventory activity (issues, transfers, receipts, etc.) It allows creation and maintenance of locations for storing and processing inventory items. It tracks the inventory balances, allows for manual inventory adjustments and cycle counting.

Cost Management
The American Software Cost Management System provides for the collection of actual costs, by operation, and the automatic generation of cost variance accounting entries to the General Ledger. It uses data from Production Order Status, Shop Floor Control and Product Costing.

Material Request
The American Software Material Request System tracks and reports material requests (requisitions) from creation through resolution. The system provides control over the requisitioning process, immediate on-line status checks, and exception reporting. The system accepts user-generated and system-generated requests for items or services to be purchased and/or items to be supplied from inventory.

The American Software Forecasting system estimates the quantity of items or products that are required for inventory planning and marketing strategies. It forecasts sales at the item and product group level based on such factors as season, components, and trend.

Bill of Material
The Bill of Material System provides planning and manufacturing bills of material. It maintains item information including the relationship between a parent and component items.

Material Requirements Planning
The Material Requirements Planning (MRP) System aids material planners by generating and calculating material requirements based on supply and demand data recorded in other American Software Systems. It uses the parent and component item relationship defined in the Bill of Material System, inventory levels in the Inventory Control & Accounting System, sources of supply and demand and the Master Scheduling System. The primary reports produced by the MRP system are the Horizontal and Vertical Planning Reports.

Master Scheduling System
The Master Scheduling System (MPS) aids master schedulers by generating a master production schedule based on supply and demand recorded in other American Software systems. It uses the parent and component item relationship defined in the Bill of Material System, inventory levels in the Inventory Control & Accounting System, and sources of supply and demand. The primary output of the MRP system is the Detail Master Schedule Report.

Distribution Requirements Planning
The Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) Systems processes time-phased item requirements against user replenishment orders and current inventory position. The result is a recommended time-phased plan for distribution, which represents demand for the master scheduled item.

Inventory Planning
The Inventory Planning System uses forecasts and specified inventory policies to compute order quantities, safety stocks, and reorder points. From these computations, it estimates the resulting inventory and customer service levels, as well as inventory turnover. All of these factors influence the calculating of target inventory quantities.

Integrated Document Management
AsIrecall is an advanced document management solution that is completely integrated with American Software’s iSeries version 3 ERP systems and the web-based e-Applications. System-generated documents such as acknowledgements, invoices, purchase orders, pick lists and reports are automatically captured and stored for retrieval using the document management system client or a web browser. Users may also scan and retrieve documents that were created outside the ERP system. Download the brochure for more information.