Paperless Purchase Orders for vendors.

American Software Inc. has expanded its existing e-applications “Paperless Purchase Order” system to provide Vendor Web-Site with a secured Login by the vendor.

The “PO Tracking” allows the buyer/ planner and vendor to track PO Acknowledgement, PO Acceptance, PO Changes, and PO Shipments. The user can view all open PO’s, delinquent PO’s, and closed PO’s.

Vendor can change the “Promise Ship Date” on any PO line items. This “Promise ship date” will be updated real-time on the host (AS400 or System/390).

Any “Promise date” changes that are outside of tolerance (acceptable range) will be routed to the planner for “Electronic Approvals”.

As events occur such as the above PO changes and approvals, the system automatically records messages into “PO Collaboration History”. The buyer/ planner and vendor can enter freeform messages for the PO and/ or PO line items that will be stored as “PO Collaboration History” on the web server. This history of messages (both automatic event and ad hoc messages) is available real-time to buyer /planners and vendors.

The “Message Center” displays all unread messages that were targeted for the buyer or vendor.

The buyers are provided automatic e-mail alerts about late acknowledgements and delinquent Purchase Orders. The buyers and planners have access to their PO Status information and Vendor feedback information.

Benefits of the e-forms Purchase Order Tracking and Vendor Interaction module

  • Improve Supply Chain Cycle Time over manual faxes or mail
  • Automate many of the buyer and planner processes
  • Provide easy and quick Vendor Interaction that’s rewarding for you and your Vendors
  • Provide the information needed to really control the Purchase Orders and the purchasing process
  • Reduce the administrative cost of document processing by lowering postage, labor, material and storage

American Software’s e-applications (e-business suite of solutions) help companies leverage the full value of their existing ERP and legacy systems. These e-business solutions can be easily added to your ERP system with a very fast implementation and payback.

Purchase Order Tracking and Vendor Interaction module

Purchase Order Tracking and Vendor Interaction module