Empower your buyers!

Web-based requisition, approval, and purchase order sourcing provides increased control and visibility to the procurement process. This high-performance e-application couples tightly with the host ERP system to provide:

  • Web browser entry of requisitions using fast entry and/or catalog browse
  • Host system generated requisitions
  • Electronic approvals of requisitions with automatic email alerts for delinquent approvals
  • Web-based requisition change without using host green screens
  • Real-time inquiry of purchase history
  • Real-time inquiry of available blanket purchase orders
  • Vendor Master inquiry with search facility using partial vendor number or vendor name
  • Sourcing from vendor based on PO history, blankets, or vendor master for one time purchases
  • Consolidation of vendor orders to meet minimum order requirements and get volume discounts
  • Electronic approval routing of the purchase order
  • Tracking of in-process purchase orders
  • History of approvals for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance

Streamline your purchasing business process easily and cost-effectively, so that your buyers can turn requisitions into purchase orders by reducing keystrokes and reducing the time required to create purchase orders. Provide better control and management of the process.


  • Reduce sourcing cycle time by reducing the sourcing time and sending the PO electronically.
  • Improve control & compliance with approvals and better visibility
  • Lower transaction costs with labor & paper savings