Open – 24/7/365? It’s possible now!

Expand your market by making it easy to do business with you!

There are multiple ways to enter an order:

  • Browse and search online catalogs
  • Fast entry screen for power users
  • Import product using file upload or copy / paste
  • Import Spreadsheet
  • Select and use Product Models (templates)

This high-performance e-application that is tightly coupled with the host ERP system provides the following:

  • Real-time Order Creation with the above ways to enter products
  • Access key customer information instantly
  • Real-time inquiry of orders and order history
  • Real-time inquiry of inventory availability
  • Real-time Pricing Inquiry with Price-book download
  • Real-time Order Change
  • Real-time Entry of Quote Orders
  • Customer Master inquiry with search facility using partial customer number or customer name
  • Ability to copy existing orders
  • Upselling with Suggested Items

Our e-Catalog sub-system provides a “Product Definition & Hierarchy” facility that allows images and objects (such as word and spreadsheet documents) to be defined and attached at group levels. While searching products, the user has visibility of objects that are defined at higher levels such as product group or product family.


  • Open global sales channels with Internet order management
  • Deliver accurate, timely information to your sales force
  • Lower transaction costs with labor & paper savings