Experience the freedom of an international enterprise without walls!

Looking for a leading e-business enterprise solution to unleash the full potential of the Internet?

e-intelliprise™ empowers your entire organization with information and the front-to-back office infrastructure to turn your e-vision into business value – whether you began as an e-business (clicks) or a traditional business (bricks).

Create the enterprise without walls

e-intelliprise equips you to meet e-business challenges head-on by delivering:

  • Full global support of multiple language and currency
  • Advanced business intelligence powered by alerts
  • Dynamic web page creation that supports multiple e-business channels – B2B, B2C and B2E
  • Flexibility for future Internet expansion supported by an agile architecture
  • Role based views that optimize the market-of-one by customizing content, language and currency for each user
  • Traditional and e-business channels within a single infrastructure

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