Go green with paperless and seamless forms. Save money and trees.

Can you Quit paper? Yes you can with forms!

By giving you the ability via e-mail to route specific forms like purchase orders, formsprovides an effective, easy-to-use communication channel to external partners. Using American Software’s e-mail gateway, this solution’s automatic and intelligent workflow engine routes documents with attachments from host applications.

Simple Internet Feedback from Trading Partners without EDI

Internet Feedback from Trading Partners 

Simple Internet Feedback from Trading Partners without EDI.

The PO Acknowledgement API allows buyers to monitor acknowledgments and feedback from their vendors concerning purchase orders.

Forms makes ‘Paperless’ Possible!

  • Reduce the administrative costs of document processing by lowering postage, labor, material and storage costs
  • Streamline the process of purchasing, requisitioning and accounts payable documents
  • Decrease approval cycle time
  • Enhance the accessibility and usability of host systems
  • Expedite internal and external communication related to host systems

American Software’s e-applications (e-business suite of solutions) help companies leverage the full value of their existing ERP and legacy systems. These e-business solutions can be easily added to your ERP system with a very fast implementation and payback.