Completely Paperless!

Take the pain out of expense report submissions!!

Expedite expense processing by enabling employees to submit, track and receive payment for expenses and receipts via the Internet. Anywhere, anytime. A win-win proposition for you and your employees, expenses delivers a new level of control over and accountability for the expense function.

Automate for new levels of control!

This easy-to-use, paperless workflow solution automates the expensing process for greater visibility and control by:

  • Enabling self-service data entry
  • Merging receipts with electronic expense report
  • Facilitating online review and approval
    • Reminder emails
    • Escalation emails
  • Supplying management with system-wide visibility of expensing behavior
  • Giving employees insight into expense status throughout processing cycle
  • Turn expensing policies into online business rules
  • Auto generation of A/P Voucher

By giving employees insight into expense status through all stages of the processing cycle: routing, approval and payment – and by supplying company management with a system-wide look into expensing behavior – e-expense offers a new level of control over the expense function.

Share information!

Provide a centralized view of expense trends, empowering your company to negotiate with suppliers.