Compressing the settlement cycle through Internet-based Collaboration!

This e-Process Management application provides the following:

  • Business rules associated with deduction type, reason, and dollars determine the validation path (intelligent work flow).
    • Shortage, pricing, discount, rebate, return, damage, and others
    • Business Rules are defined via workflow templates.
      • Templates may contain decision logic for some events or steps in the process.
      • Process owners and participates are defined using role based security.
    • The workflow includes research events and approval events.
      • Workflow includes cross-departmental collaboration
      • Auto-generation of follow-up reminders
      • Escalation for items that remain open over a predetermined time limit
    • Share Documents & Information – Paperless View
      • Anyone
      • Anywhere
      • Anytime
    • Automate charge-back notice and credit memo
    • Message Center & Collaboration History
    • Deduction Disposition Web-pages are web version of Cash Application
    • Capture resolution time and recovered dollars
    • Continuous Process Improvement via Process Monitoring & Dashboard

Our web-based e-invoicing (see e-forms Invoice) is part of this receivables automation strategy.

Deduction Management Workflow drives the resolution of deductions in a timely manner. The process is triggered when a specific transaction and reason code are selected on the host. In each step of the workflow, the application provides the ability to add and/or view all documents necessary to resolve the deduction.