(LOGO) A&E Success Story

“The American Software e-Forms automatic email process is very clean and completely transparent to our purchasing, customer service, and billing departments.”  

–Dennis Love, Marketing Systems Manager, A&E Inc.

No Pre-printed forms
With the American Software Purchasing system and e-Forms, A&E does not print, mail, or manually fax POs. The email and faxing of POs is automatic and transparent to the purchasing departments. The nice thing about that is once buyers create POs, they are finished. e-Forms takes care of getting the PO’s to the vendors and the buyers have more time for other purchasing responsibilities.

Supply Chain Cycle Time
e-Forms helps with A&E Supply Chain Cycle Time. For real-time POs, the vendor receives the PO immediately as entered during the day. This e-Forms feature supports A&E’s arrangements with vendors for next-day delivery. For POs entered before 3PM, as an example, the goods are delivered to A&E the next morning.

Internal Use of e-Forms
The Seamless e-Forms makes ‘Paperless’ Possible! A&E is using e-Forms to send invoices and Bills of Ladings to a bonded warehouse in Colombia, South America. e-Forms delivers two big advantages in this process.

  1. A&E does not have to invest in any infrastructure (lease lines, printers, etc.) in Colombia. This is a big savings.
  2. Orders entered on the System z in the U.S. are immediately emailed directly to the bonded warehouse in Colombia. It is very clean and completely transparent to A&E’s customer service and billing departments.

About American & Efird, Inc.

American & Efird, Inc. is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial sewing threads. A&E also manufactures consumer sewing thread and distributes a full line of sewing notions for the worldwide needle trade. Manufacturers of apparel, automotive materials, home furnishings, bedding & matresses and footwear rely on A&E industrial sewing thread to manufacture their products.